Our Mission:

To see whole life transformation by meeting people's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.


Core Values

To encourage and uplift the community by:

  • Role modeling positive behaviors through the relationships we build.
  • Being compassionate servants focused on caring for the community.
  • Providing a safe place for people to learn and participate in activities.
  • Develop leaders from the community that will have a passion to do the same.

Shout Outs

A special THANK YOU to the following donors and sponsors! Without you, we cannot do what we do!

Thank You:

  • TheĀ Triangle Fund
  • Rose Philanthropy
  • The William Iszards Memorial Fund
  • Hilliard
  • Five Star Bank
  • Corning Credit Union
  • Glove House Inc
  • Community Foundations

If You'd Like To Help: